Sinhala Word

Sinhala Word is an application which will convert your Singlish text into Wijesekara Sinhala text. Once after the conversion, you will have the freedom to change the font styles as you want. Sinhala Word will be the ideal solution, if you are using Sinhala in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and other design tools.

The software has been designed according to the standard which is used by UCSC Realtime Singlish Converter. So If you are already familiar with using, you can use the same typing standard here as well.

If the Singlish typing is completely new to you, you can understand the Singlish typing methodology by going through the Character Map Mode which is bundled with the Software. Also note that the Sinhala Word does not require any keyman utility, because it has a built in feature to handle the problems in Wijesekara font typing.

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